It’s been a long winter, musically speaking, but the ice is beginning to thaw. Actually, I’ve been busy recording during the 2-years of COVID quiescence and have a new album coming out on May 3. It will be a six-song EP titled Bright Side of Blue that spans a range of emotional territory from the awkwardness of courtship (well, for me at least) to the desire to pitch it all and head out on the road without looking back. This will be the first of two EP’s planned for release this year, with the possibility of an additional single or two. In anticipation, the band and I played a few warm-up gigs at the Black Dog Cafe in November and December and had planned ongoing sets there before their untimely closure a few short weeks ago. We’ll be looking for other venues to perform songs from the new albums as well as some of our favorite covers, hopefully starting in May and going throughout the rest of the year in fits and spurts, so check back soon.

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